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Prescribed for you when death approaches [any] one of you if he leaves wealth [is that he should make] a bequest for the parents and near relatives according to what is acceptable – a duty upon the righteous -Qur’an 2 : 180

To males belongs a share of what was left by parents and closest relatives, and to females belongs a share of what was left by parents and closest relatives, be it little or much—a portion decreed. —Quran 4:6

The Islamic law of inheritance is a religiously mandated fixed-heirship system. That means that upon death, a Muslim's estate is distributed to his or her Islamic heirs according to the Qur'an and Sunna: "an apportionment from Allah”. Islamic estate planning - the process of preparing your estate to pass to loved ones after your passing according to your religious values - can be a complicated and confusing process, which is why you need to enlist the help of an experienced attorney who can educate you on what you need to know and guide you every step of the way! Cornerstone Law Offices, P.C., is a group of family protection lawyers who specialize in providing legal services for the Muslim community.
Our lawyers will not only provide you with a carefully constructed, Sharia-compliant estate plan, but they will also make sure that you get more financially organized than you have ever been before. We empower you to make the best choices for your life, your family’s lives, and your legacy! Estate planning according to Islamic values can seem like an overwhelming process, but our goal is to simplify it for you and help you understand how it can be a wonderful tool to protect your family from court and conflict after you pass. Call today to schedule a consultation and discover what your options and obligations are!

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Client Reviews

I recently had my living will and trust done by the Cornerstone team and had an amazing experience! Hani Amra personally sat down with me and walked me through the process, patiently explaining what the different options were and what would be best for me and my family. Hani was expeditious yet thorough. His familiarity and expertise helped make such a seemingly complicated process, smooth and hassle free. I would not hesitate to use Cornerstone Law for my future legal needs, and highly recommend you do the same!
Jameel Besada- Religious Director at Corona Masjid

Caring, ethical, personal and professional treatment… this is what you will find at Cornerstone Law Services!
Jihad Turk – President of Bayan Claremont Islamic Graduate School

The Cornerstone team of lawyers are the absolute best at what they do! Their knowledge of estate planning comes directly from the heart and it shows. Cornerstone Law Offices will create a custom estate plan for you that will incorporate your unique goals family situation. Not only that, but once you become a client, they will be able to provide you with a lifetime of legal guidance to protect your loved ones. Mostly importantly, I love their team of lawyers as people and not just lawyers! Their down to earth style is refreshing and great to work with. I definitely recommend them to everyone for all of their estate planning needs.
Malek Bendelhoum- Associate Director Of Shura Council Of Southern CA

We recently received a rather large bequest, and the only reason this was possible was because of the endowment fund that we established. We cannot stress enough how critical it is to have such a fund set up. Cornerstone Law Services made the process easier than we anticipated. They walked us through the setup start to finish and were readily available to answer any and all questions. We highly recommend Cornerstone, particularly when it comes to something as important as establishing your organization’s endowment fund.
Islamic Shura Council of Southern California

When it comes to setting up an endowment for your non profit,it can seem an intimidating process. We weren’t certain of what direction to go or even of where to start for that matter. This is where working with Cornerstone Law Services really made all the difference. They showed us step by step how the many moving parts came together. Ultimately, because of their guidance and the proactive way they approached our fund, we were able to secure a bequest. For this we sincerely thank Cornerstone and will most definitely continue to work with them in the future.
Islamic Institute of Orange County

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